Home Disinfection Service

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way we live, it is extremely important for us to take precautionary actions to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the virus. Pathogens such as bacteria and viruses can spread onto surfaces easily, putting us at risk of virus transmission when we touch these surfaces. Cleaning alone is not enough to kill all the bacteria and prevent the coronavirus as with regular cleaning, new pathogens can still spread onto surfaces. Therefore, disinfection is an essential step that households need to have to prevent any forms of pathogens from surviving!

Our disinfection service is able to cover large spaces, including areas that are hard to reach. This will help ensure your household is sanitised and safe from viruses!

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Job Scope

Step 1

Regular cleaning will be conducted on areas that requires disinfection, in order to remove any dirt or dust on the surface

Step 2

Basic disinfection will be carried out by doing a thorough wipe-down of surfaces with an appropriate disinfectant

Step 3

ULV mist also known as Ultra Low Volume mist will be used to disperse disinfectant in the air as mist, eliminating all pathogens


Our disinfection service is able to eliminate 99% of bacterias and viruses!
Benefits of using ULV for disinfection:
1. Covers large spaces
- Strong spraying ability, able to reach inaccessible areas
2. Unparalleled technology
- Swift, detailed and efficient disinfecting process
3. Immediate protection
- Even dispersal, dries instantly 100% Safe Protect against the various types of bacteria and viruses
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