Aircon Servicing & Repair

Having air conditioners is a norm in Singapore due to the scorching hot weather we face. They give off cool air for comfort. But having a dirty and dusty air conditioner generates the exact opposite! The dirty aircon affects the atmosphere we breathe in, causing allergies or illnesses. Furthermore, a dirty aircon can damage internal machine parts, causing malfunction.

Our aircon cleaning services will help you remove foul odours and boosts your air quality. It is recommended to have all 3 services at one go.

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Job Scopes

Aircon Servicing & Repair

- General Servicing
- Removal & Cleaning of panels and air filters
- Checking, dedorising & purifying aircon filter

Chemical Wash

- Disinfecting
- Unclogging of air filters and internal fans
- Flushing of internal air filters

Repair Services

- Water Leakage
- Spoilt Controller
- Gas Replacements
- Replacement of malfunctioning parts