Wardrobe Organisation Ideas

Wardrobe Organisation Ideas

It’s that time of the year - where your wardrobe is probably full from GSS and 6/6 sales shopping! A little retail therapy does the soul good and is a great way to relieve stress and to spend some hard-earned money. It’s common to let the stack of clothes pile up and procrastinate organising your closet, but it’s a sign to start packing when you see your wardrobe overflowing! Today, we will be providing you some tips on how to keep your wardrobe organised.

KonMari method, the magical way to organise your wardrobe created by Marie Kondo! You might see yourself struggling to pull out that top you want to wear, because your closet is too packed. So, how to fully utilise your closet space? Let us enlighten you with the KonMari folding method.

Image: https://www.diypassion.com/does-konmari-work/

To put it simply, the KonMari folding method involves us properly storing our clothes to show our respect and appreciation for it. This means, instead of laying our clothes flat in the drawer, we should place them standing upright. More specifically, folding them into the shape of a small rectangle such that it’s able to stand on its own! This works for any piece of clothing, and it is a perfect way to save space in your closet to fully utilise the space. You’re able to see every piece of clothing, and this is perfect for when you’re rushing and have to pick an outfit! Marie Kondo’s folding tutorial on Youtube garnered over 2 million views, so you can just tell how popular the KonMari method is!

Pro-tip: After folding all your clothes, store them by categories! This ensures that you can find your clothes easily and quickly, without having to create a mess in the wardrobe. If you’re someone that simply dumps your clothes all together in the wardrobe, you definitely have to try this method - you’d be shocked by the difference!

When it comes to decluttering our wardrobe, it is common that we would just pile up a mountain of clothes and slowly look through the stack and discard those that we do not want. This is actually a really inefficient method! Not only does it overwhelm us when we see a big pile of clothes, but it can also potentially create more mess with the lack of structure. Thus, we should sort through our clothes by category

Yellow and blue clothes hanging in wardrobeImage: https://littlecoffeefox.com/decluttering-clothes/

What this means is that we will separate the different types of clothing like tops, pants, skirts, shorts, and then look through the clothes category by category. This allows us to better judge the amount of clothing we have in each category and if we have too much, we would know to take it out from the pile and donate it instead of keeping it. There is a famous saying from the one and only Marie Kondo that we should keep clothes that spark joy. So, if you have to hesitate whether to keep a piece of clothing, you probably don’t need it! The pile of clothes that you don’t want can be donated, more of which we will elaborate below.

Pro-tip: You can further categorise your clothes to have a better structure! For example, your tops can be further separated into cotton T-shirts for going out and dry-fits tops for working out. Similarly, for pants, it can be further categorised into jeans and culottes/formal pants! 

For clothes that you wish to hang, like winter wear and clothes made with a flowy material (silk, satin), this is a tip to make your wardrobe organised! Coordinate your hangers such that it is of the same height and width. This ensures that your clothes are all hung at the same height, which looks a lot neater as compared to some clothes being taller than the other. You also save space by getting rid of bulky hangers! It is guaranteed something that you should do, because it will make your wardrobe look oddly satisfying, and keeps you motivated to organise your wardrobe more often.

Your wardrobe is all set and neat. Now, what to do with clothes that do not spark joy? You can donate or sell your unused clothes. By doing so, you’re creating a supply of quality clothes for people who could not afford them. As the saying goes “One man’s trash could be another man’s treasure.” Your clothes will begin a new journey and be part of new memories - far better than being binned and forgotten. 

Donating your clothes also helps to fight landfill by reducing demand for resource-hungry new clothes, and have a real impact in making fashion more sustainable. Many mass-produced clothing lines have fibers inside of them that will never break down, no matter how much time passes. Unfortunately, your clothes do not disappear when you toss them in the garbage. They end up being in landfills, causing tons of clothes to waste each year.

A list of available donation place in Singapore can be found here: https://styledegree.sg/ultimate-list-of-places-to-donate-old-clothes-items-in-singapore/ (Salvation Army, SSVP, etc.) 

Thus, don’t be part of the problem - contribute to the solution instead!

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