How To: Organise Your Table (Part 1)

How To: Organise Your Table (Part 1)

Don’t you feel that, sometimes, your messy table disrupts your train of thoughts and leaves you in a rut? Especially when you are trying to get things done quickly, and your things get all over the place, it becomes a real hassle and you would be so annoyed yet clueless about how to make your table neater. 

Having an organised table is not just about the looks and aesthetics, but rather, it helps us focus better and improves our mood, efficiency and productivity as well! With WFH being the default arrangement now, it is even more important that we have an organised table, because that’s also our very own office space. So, let’s keep our productivity high with these table organising tips specially curated by us below!

#1: Lose the loose notes

That’s right! The first step would be to pack and organise all your paperwork together. I’m sure we often have a stack of paper lying on our table, waiting to be organised. There can be a mixture of notes, receipts, forms and letters in that stack - and it is important that we organise it. There could be important documents in that clutter that we might overlook, thus binding and organising them together help us find the piece of paper that we want easily, without a fuss. 

To get rid of your paper clutter, we should look through all the papers that we have and discard those that are useless - like old notes, receipts, expired vouchers. You’d be surprised by how much paper you actually don’t need!

P/S: Remember to recycle the unwanted papers instead of throwing it into the bin to save the Earth!!


After getting rid of papers that are not needed, relevant and significant papers are what is left. You should further file the important notes together and categorise them accordingly. Get into the habit of filing - this helps you to keep your paper clutter in order, and also makes finding documents easier. There’s also that sense of satisfaction that comes with filing your paper and keeping everything together. Filing could potentially be a stress-relieving exercise! Keep calm and file on.

#2: Organise your stationery

Besides paper lying all around your table, I’m sure stationery is scattered all over your table as well. The blue pen that you used for work, the different highlighters you used for your notes and the post-it you used for your to-do list. There could be a ton of stationery on your desk, and you might have even gotten used to that sight. But hey, it’s important that we put away what we don’t need, to create more space on your desk and to make studying/working more productive!


To organise your stationery, you could free up a drawer space for it. Ideally, it should be close to the table and within reach, since stationery is a necessity and is often used. Invest in clear containers to store them neatly by categories, with ball-point pens being in one container, highlighters being in another, and other miscellaneous stationery items like paper clips, pencil lead in one container.

You are free to organise it however you want, in a way that makes sense to you and can give you access to the stationery easily. If you see your containers filling up really quickly, it could be a sign for you to stop buying stationery - because you already have more than what you need! Buying cute stationery is an addiction for many, but as much as possible, try to purchase only what you need! Such a great money saving tip too!

#3: Desk Organiser 

After getting rid of the stationery and loose papers on your desk, your desk should look neater and more pleasing to the eyes. But, there could still be some small items you have on your desk which you have no idea where to place it. This is where desk organisers come in handy! 


Desk organisers can be a good way for you to organise the little things you have on your desk. There are many different types of desk organisers with different sizes, so you can look around and choose one that’s best for your desk. For those going for the minimalist look on your table, you can opt for a desk organiser that’s black and white. As for those who prefer a more soft look, the desk organiser above is a great way to add a pop of colour on your desk! Besides just the small items, you can also put things that you use on a daily basis, like calculator and notebook, in the desk organiser. Easily accessible on your desk, you can locate these items as and when you need it!

#4: Drawers

Make use of the spaces under your desk! If your desk comes with drawers attached below, you can make use of those drawers to store all your items, be it your bulky files, or books that you have read over the years. But if your table doesn’t come with built-in drawers, no worries! You can still utilise the spaces under your desk, and a neat way to store your items would be to invest in shelves and drawers.


You can DIY your own shelves according to the height of your table, and attach it to your table. IKEA sells a large variety of storage shelves, and you can simply use these shelves as your ‘table drawers’! It is a really inexpensive DIY, and guaranteed to make your table look tidier. There’s even a step-by-step DIY hacks that you can read here! This could be a fun DIY activity that you can do together with your family. 

With these tips, we hope that you’re on your way to a neater table! Just like with a tidy home, a tidy desk is proven to help us improve our mood and productivity. So let’s get to organising! 

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