How To: Keep Your Electronics Organised

How To: Keep Your Electronics Organised

Are the wires messily arranged on your desk? Is it taking up too much space? I’m sure we all share the same problem - having trouble keeping your cables neat and tidy. Electronics play a big part in our lives, and as much as the messy sight annoys us, we need these cables in today’s highly digitalised world. In today’s blog post, we will be showing you how you can keep your electronics organised. Say goodbye to your cable clutter!

Solution 1: Box

Leaving your messy and hazardous cords lying around might not be the safest and most aesthetically pleasing sight to have, especially when you have guests or kids. One perfect and straightforward solution would be to have a minimalistic plastic box with respective holes so that it can keep all of your wires and hide them from sight. 

Cable management boxes are relatively affordable to purchase, and they can protect your cables from spillage and dangerous power strips. Additionally, a simple cable box usually does not produce a lot of heat and needs only a little amount of ventilation. If there are reasonably sized gaps around it to provide some kind of air exchange, then everything should be okay!


If you’re someone that enjoys creating your own crafts, you can even DIY your very own cable box to fit the theme of your room! All you’ll really need is a cardboard box or shoebox big enough to fit your extension cord, and scissors to cut a slit at the end of the box for the cord cable to go through. Simple and fuss-free, now you have a tidy way of organising your cables!

Solution 2: Coil

Do you have too many of the same cables lying around? That’s no surprise! If you own multiple Apple products, you would often find yourself having numerous lightning cables - one for your iPad, Macbook, iPhone, etc. A neat way to organise your cables will be to coil them up!

This is a really easy and foolproof way to organise your cables. As seen from the photo above, you can place all your cables in a plastic container, with each cable individually packed in a small box. Then, simply label them accordingly so that you can easily pick them out the next time you need to use them! Not just limited to cables, you can also organise your wired earpieces in this manner to keep them neat and tidy.

Solution 3: Magnetic Organizers

If you often find yourself spending time untangling your cords, this product here is your best friend! Magnetic organisers help to firmly secure your coiled wires and prevent them from getting tangled with one another. Not to mention, they are relatively affordable and accessible - you can easily find them on Shopee or any hardware store! They also offer a wide range of designs, look at these cartoon ones that you can get for your children!


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