MESH - Your Dengue Solution

MESH  - Your Dengue Solution

Just like any other year, the weather in Singapore is expected to be warmer and drier in the second half of 2021. This may not be the perfect weather for Singaporeans, but it is the perfect weather for mosquitoes - as it accelerates their breeding cycle. Aedes mosquitoes, in particular, are able to breed faster in warm weathers, from 1-2 weeks to less than 10 days! The increase in breeding rates of Aedes mosquitoes would thus increase the chances of getting Dengue fever. 

Furthermore, with the announcement of Phase 2 Heightened Alert, we see more Singaporeans staying at home due to the new restrictions and work from home (WFH) arrangements. This further exacerbates the Dengue transmission, as there is more blood for the Aedes mosquitoes to feed on during the day. 


To prevent the risk of dengue transmission, we need to do our part at home, by clearing stagnant water so that the Aedes mosquitoes cannot breed. The government has heavily emphasised the importance of carrying out the 5 Step Mozzie Wipeout, as it keeps you and your loved ones safe from Dengue fever, and prevents any Dengue cluster from forming. 

Besides doing our part in clearing the stagnant water in our homes, we should take a step further to be free from all mosquitoes! Introducing MESH, the effective Dengue solution.

MESH works like a mosquito repellent, and it is our latest product with infused technology to keep you and your family 100% free from all mosquitoes! You might ask, how does it work? It will slowly emit odourless insecticides into the air, and the insecticide will target the Aedes mosquitoes. Once it comes into contact with the insecticides, these Aedes mosquitoes will be knocked out and then slowly perished!

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. For indoor use, simply place it on the desired area, and let MESH do its magic! As for outdoor use, all you have to do is hang our MESH repellent close to your body, and you can enjoy a day of outdoor fun without having to worry about mosquitoes! Do note that for indoor use,  our pest control MESH repellent is effective for an area up to 500 sq. ft

Keep you and your loved one safe from the Dengue virus. Do your part by actively checking for stagnant water, and get your very own MESH mosquito repellent to be free from ALL mosquitoes!

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