Top 3 Cleaning Tips from Marie Kondo

Top 3 Cleaning Tips from Marie Kondo

You have probably heard of this famous sentence, “Does it spark joy?” and wondered who came up with that. This came from a very well-known Japanese tidying expert, Marie Kondo. Marie began her route as a tidying consultant at 19-years-old where she was helping her friends tidy their houses for extra cash. She wrote a #1 New York Times bestselling book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and was soon awarded her very own Netflix show, “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo,” where she helps her clients clear their clutters at home. 


Marie provided us with numerous tidying tips and decluttering lessons, but we have limited it to our Top 3 and hope this will help you stay organised as much as it helped us. Thank you, Marie Kondo, for your indeed life-changing magic tips!


Tip 1: Getting rid of gifts.

What happened to that random notebook that you got from your Secret Santa during Christmas 2 years ago? Are they even opened from its packaging? 


Written on Marie Kondo's Instagram post with the captions "Gifts are thoughtful expressions, but sometimes they don't suit your taste. Maybe you don't want to donate just yet, but you shouldn't also shove these gifts away and feel guilty every time you see them." People give gifts as a form of appreciation and how one communicates their feelings to another party. These are gifts people used their precious time to pick out and spend their money purchasing, and we will definitely feel obligated to use it and feel terrible if we do not. It is basically just putting it somewhere you can't see often and makes you feel slightly better than it is not thrown away. 


Marie gave three simple rules for making the most out of gifts you receive. 

Rule 1: Open them immediately. 

Rule 2: Remove the packaging.

Rule 3: Start using them now. 

What? Opening up something you won’t use? Well, you should still give it a chance, even when it does not immediately spark joy to you. Be adventurous and open up to new things and unfamiliar feelings. These unknown feelings will soon find comfort within themselves. “The ability to feel what truly excites you is through experience,” says Marie. 


Knowing that you will definitely not use the gift, it is okay to get rid of them. The absolute joy came from the exact time when the gift was given, but that time has passed, and it is time to move on. It is often seen as “tacky” when someone catches you re-gifting something someone else bought you. But in reality, you are not obligated to keep it for it just to sit around and waste unnecessary space. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Just because it is of no use to you does not mean that it will not benefit someone else! Donate it or give it away, pass the spark of joy to someone else.

It is okay to get rid of gifts. The true purpose of a present is to be received. The person who gave it to you doesn’t want you to use it out of a sense of obligation, or to put it away without using it, only to feel guilty every time you see it.” - Marie Kondo.


Tip 2: Tidy alone! 

This tip is vital to someone who loves other’s company when cleaning up, thinking that the other person - usually our parents - will help us clean up as well. This is not encouraged as our parents typically get very anxious about getting rid of things they feel familiar with and often save stuff from the pile, even if they have no actual use. If not, they will make you feel guilty/hesitant and assure you that you will use it in the future. Really?


By cleaning alone, you have the entire space to yourself, and no one will be in your way. You can neatly lay the clutter around available areas and slowly start to pack. You can even vacuum or wipe every surface without asking anyone to move aside or avoid them. You set your own cleanliness expectations, and no one will tell you what to do! It is also much more productive when no one tries to strike a conversation with you. The only person talking to yourself - is you.


By having a little organising time all by yourself, you can form deeper connections with yourself and understand which items you like, or you don’t, or you might even find new things you never knew you had! It will soon become therapeutic to spend time by yourself and listening to your favourite music playlist while watching your wardrobe slowly declutter and look better than ever.



Tip 3: Ask yourself, “Does it spark joy?”

What does this phrase “sparks joy” really mean to you? It is subjective and varies for everyone, depending on your feelings. Marie has kindly defined it for us as essential things which we often use. Items that make us feel comfortable, confident, and optimistic. We can all agree only several items manage to spark joy in you; afterall, we often reuse things that we feel most secured with. To some, this phrase might sound ridiculous, as not everything will easily “spark joy” to us. If the toilet plunger does not spark joy to us, are we supposed to throw it out? 


It is not uncommon for people to form emotional attachments with material possessions, especially sentimental things. However, what if they no longer spark joy to you? Before donating or throwing it away, hold it in your arms, and thank it for being part of your life and its service thoughtfully. By honouring your relationship with the item, it is more comfortable to let it go forever.


This decluttering method has worked for so many people and helped them achieve a minimalistic and organised workspace/home. Many people also discover while tidying that they have been living with items they no longer love - or never did. Thank you, Marie Kondo for sharing these amazing tips and influencing people to tidy up the enjoyable way. 


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