How To: Keep Your Fridge Fresh

How To: Keep Your Fridge Fresh

If walking to the fridge is your only form of cardio, high-five! The refrigerator is like a safe space where we keep our guilty pleasures, be it ice cream or chocolate. But, if you don’t make an effort to keep your fridge fresh, that’s where it gets unsafe! It is important to maintain the cleanliness of your fridge to prevent the buildup of mold from leftovers or worst still, expired food. In today’s blog post, we will be teaching you some ways that you can keep your fridge fresh and clean!

#1: Organise

This may seem like a no-brainer, but don’t underestimate the importance of organising your fridge! Organising your fridge allows you to easily locate where all your food items are, so you don’t have to create a mess in the fridge. More importantly, organising prevents your different food items from coming into contact with one another and causing cross-contamination. 


The easiest way to organise your fridge would be to split the different shelves into sections. The top shelves could be for dairy products like eggs and milk, while the middle shelves could be for leftovers. The bottom shelf could be used to store all your fruits and vegetables. This way, you know where exactly your food is and won’t have to go through a treasure hunt just to find that slice of cheese.

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Make use of air-tight containers to keep your food when organising so that it stays fresh! It also helps to prevent any potential spillage, and more importantly prevent any contamination. It’s also crucial to label down the expiry dates of your food after placing them in airtight containers so that it will not be left to rot in the fridge.

#2: “Throw Away” Day

With our busy and hectic lifestyle, it is common that we would leave our leftovers in the fridge and only clear it after a few weeks, or when the fridge starts to smell. However, this is not advisable as germs can accumulate and if we were to accidentally eat these leftovers, it could cause serious illnesses! Thus, have a dedicated “throw-away” day once a week for your fridge.

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Make it a habit every week to choose a day to declutter your fridge and get rid of food items that are expired, moldy or spoiled. With this practice in place, your fridge will definitely be fresher and cleaner, and would never smell bad. Try it out and see the difference for yourself!

#3: Inventory List

If you find yourself having all sorts of food items in your fridge, even those that you do not consume, this one's for you! We often go a little crazy while grocery shopping, and might purchase food that we end up not eating. Even worse, we may over-buy because we thought we ran out of it, when there are actually still 2 full boxes in the fridge! Buying too much of everything can block the vents of your fridge, making it harder for the fridge to stay cold and work in its best state. At the end of the day, food wastage problems can occur because we simply cannot finish everything that we buy!

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Thus, it is important to have an inventory list. With this list, you’re able to keep track of what you have or do not have, so your grocery shopping will consist of buying only what you need! This ensures that there wouldn’t be too many items stored in your fridge -  maintaining the air circulation and keeping your fridge fresh.

#4: Deodorise

Did you know that the condensation from your fridge and the humidity outside can cause your fridge to feel unpleasant as well?

To eliminate any funky smell that is in your fridge, try investing in some food-safe and fragrance-free deodoriser! Refrigerator deodorisers are very effective in eradicating odours in just a few hours and would be the best option to have if you are aiming to have the freshest fridge.

A typical refrigerator deodoriser lasts up to six months which is pretty affordable considering you would only change it twice a month! Additionally, a fresh refrigerator prevents the breeding of germs that can further cause diseases like food poisoning.

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