How to: Clean Glass Panels

How to: Clean Glass Panels

Homely: if you love natural sunlight and look out of your home to enjoy the scenery, glass windows and doors are not unfamiliar in your household. Moreover, with technological advancements, glasses are no longer the fragile and breakable material we all had in mind. It has emerged as a safe and secure solution for every space.

With transparent glasses implemented in your home, you will be inviting natural light into your personal space, saving energy bills and increasing light flow. However, cleaning it is another thing to ponder about before purchasing it. With Homely, cleaning is made to be enjoyable and easy! 

Firstly, combine water and vinegar in a spray bottle to shake and mix it well. Spray on your glass panels and ensure that every corner is sprinkled with. (Alternatively, there are glass cleansers that are being sold in NTUC!) Next, use only a soft, microfiber cloth to wipe down the entire surface, and you are good to go! Avoid using abrasive material and harsh chemicals as it will scratch the surface of the glass and will not turn out nice. The myth of using newspaper and paper towels is debunked to be false and should not be tested out.


Do's of Cleaning Glass:

1. Use the right cleaner.

2. Place a towel under the window to catch the droplets when cleaning.

Don'ts of Cleaning Glass:

1. Do not use harsh chemicals.

2. Do not use abrasive cloths. 

3. Do not use newspapers & paper towels.

4. Do not rely on rain to keep your windows clean! Although it will keep windows cleaner, it will actually appear dirtier. It is always safer to clean them yourselves!

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