Unconventional Methods

Unconventional Methods

Homely: Ever thought that the Coke you have been drinking can be poured on rust to remove them? And how to remove water stains from wood? A 2 minutes method to remove dust from your ceiling fans? Use of mayonnaise to remove water stains from wood? These are unusual - but fast - methods you can try to tackle some of the worst cleaning situations. 



Rust Removal: Did you know not only can you drink Coca-Cola, but you can also remove rust from metal? You can totally start drinking while cleaning; that’s killing two birds with one stone! (Not sponsored by Coca-Cola, unfortunately)

Seeing rust form on your metal items, be it on your screwdriver or bicycle, must be pretty frustrating. You can slowly remove the rust by pouring Coca-Cola onto the rust spot and gently scrub it with the foil. You will start to see that pieces of the rust will begin to flake off. You can switch the sponge as you work through the rust. Do repeat the process until the area is free of rust! However, tin foil rubbing against metal objects might not be the most pleasant sound to be hearing. I would recommend plugging your earpiece in or listening to music before you start scrubbing things off!



Carpet Spill: Accidentally poured a liquid on your carpet and have no idea on how to soak up the solution? You can try pouring a generous amount of salt onto the surface and allowing the salt to soak up the solution on the carpet. Afterwards, use a vacuum to soak up all the salt that is left on your mat! It should leave your carpet looking refreshed and back to normal. Do note that you should not be using rock salt to ruin carpet fibers and wear your carpet.



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Dusty Ceiling Fan: Rather than the usual cleaning of ceiling fan with a wet cloth, let’s try this new hack we just learnt! (This will only work for ceiling fans and use of old/unwanted pillowcase.) As seen in the picture above, gather all the dust from both sides of your fan blades by wrapping an old pillowcase around the blades. This will probably be the most time-efficient method compared to the other old-school methods. Give it a shot and let us know what you think about this hack by sending us a DM on Instagram @homely.global and we might feature you! 




Water Rings Stain Removal: If you have read our other blogs, you would know that we have already covered this topic. If not, you can read it here. But in this blog, we will be discussing another, a rather unusual method - with mayonnaise! Apply a dab of mayonnaise with a soft cloth and rub it into the mark in a circular motion. If the stain is not removed, apply more mayonnaise and leave it on for about an hour. Provide aftercare for your wooden furniture to prevent losing its shine, read more here.

Homely hoped you found this blog helpful and might try out 1 or 2 hacks from here. Head down to our Instagram @homely.global for more bite-sized tips and tricks for your anything revolving around the concept Home.