Quick and Safe DIY Methods

Quick and Safe DIY Methods

Ever wondered how you could remove stains effortlessly? Or how you could make your wooden furniture shine? We have curated a couple of DIY hacks that you can try out with your kids this school holiday! Not only is it easy and fuss-free, but it is also safe for the kids to try out. Read on to find out more! 

Hack #1 Polishing surfaces with olive oil: You’ve heard it right, olive oil! Apart from using it for your cooking, it also works as a great wood polish. This is because olive oil is a good conditioner, thus it is able to keep wood nourished and shiny, protecting it from any scratches or white rings left from wet glasses. Sure, there are many wood polishes around, but olive oil is certainly an eco-friendlier and cheaper choice, so why not give it a try?

desk before and afterImage: https://lightlycrunchy.wordpress.com/tag/olive-oil/

To create the polish, simply mix two-part olive oil with one part lemon juice in a bowl. Then, dip a soft cloth into the mixture and wipe it on your wooden furniture and let the polish sit for a while before wiping off the excess. This will leave your wooden surface sparkling clean and give a nice finished look!

Hack #2 Detoxing kitchen sink with lemon: I’m sure we’re all well aware of the different uses of lemons in cleaning. You can even make your own all-purpose cleaner with lemon, how awesome is that! Apart from cleaning, lemon is also great for eliminating odour and detoxing. If your sink is emitting a weird odour, lemon can be your best friend in getting rid of the smell!

clogged drain lemon usesImage: https://www.rd.com/list/benefits-of-lemon/

There are two ways that we can make use of lemon. The first way is pretty straightforward, all we have to do is to squeeze the juice of a lemon down the sink, and it should help to get rid of the foul odour! The second way will be to pour half a cup of baking soda into the drain, followed by half a cup of lemon juice. Let the mixture sit for an hour before washing it down with hot water. These hacks will leave your drain smelling fresh!

Hack #3 Removing carpet stains with Vodka: Haven’t found a chance to drink your Vodka since it’s the school holidays? Use it to remove your nasty carpet stains instead! This might seem like a shocker, but Vodka is able to remove stains pretty well, so it could be a good alternative to the chemical-filled cleaners found in the market! 

Image: https://simplymaid.com.au/blog/if-youve-got-a-carpet-stain-weve-got-a-cleaning-solution/

To remove the fresh juice stain on your carpet, start by blotting the stained area with a soft cloth to absorb as much of the juice as possible. Then, pour a bit of Vodka onto the cloth and rub it on the stained area. Leave the cloth on the carpet for a few minutes before removing, and allow the carpet to dry afterwards. You should have a stain-free carpet! 

Hack #4 Cleaning water stains with shaving cream: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the cloudiest of them all? Don’t you just hate it when your mirror gets cloudy and foggy with hard-to-remove water spots? But don’t worry, because your mirror can be revived! Get your shaving cream out and let’s get rid of these troublesome water stains.

Image: http://blog.mirrorlot.com/5-tips-cleaning-cloudy-mirror/

Put some shaving cream on a lint-free cloth, then spread it all over the mirror. Then, take a clean towel and wipe the shaving cream away. Repeat this process until your mirror is free from water spots and fogs! This hack is more suitable for bathroom mirrors since it always fogs up, but feel free to do it on all your other mirrors if it encounters the same fogging problem! This hack will leave your mirror sparkling clean and free from fog for weeks, so hurry try it out!

This June holiday, get your kids engaged! Try out these DIY hacks with them to let them experience the magic of cleaning.

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