Homemade Cleaning Cleansers

Homemade Cleaning Cleansers

Homely: Making homemade cleaners to save cost. Why splurge on the chemicals-filled cleansers when you can DIY some environmentally-friendly cleaners using items you can find from your home? By doing so, you can save costs and do good for planet Earth! That’s double the benefits! 

Additionally, these cleansers are safe around kids and will not cause them any allergies due to the reduction in the use of chemicals in your household. On the other hand, they will only take less than 5 minutes to make! It is relatively simple and saves you a lot of money.


All-Purpose Spray: Firstly, an all-purpose spray helps clean general items in your household. Prepare a spray bottle and pour 1 part of the water in. Add 1 part of white vinegar and 8-10 drops of lemon oil for their disinfecting properties! Another good thing about DIY cleansers is that you can control the ingredients to your liking. It is all up to your preference of intensity. 



Hard-Wood Floor Spray: This is important to prevent discolouring of your flooring and make it shine again!. You can add 1 part of distilled water and a quarter part of hand sanitizer and mix well. Lastly, add one pump of dishwashing soap to your preference as well and shake gently before use. This should do the job.


Glass & Mirror Spray:

1) Combine one cup of water, 1 cup of hand sanitizer (alternative vinegar works too!), and one pump of dishwashing soap in a spray bottle.

2) Shake gently to mix.

3) Apply the solution directly to the mirror or window and let it sit for a few seconds.

4) Wipe the spray on the mirror/window with a microfiber cloth, and you are good to go.

5) Feel free to repeat the steps until you get your desired outcome.


Soft Scrub: To create a gentle scrub, add ⅓ of baking soda and three pumps of dishwashing liquid and mix in a bowl. The easiest way to apply this mixture is by getting a microfiber cloth and adding only a tiny amount of the scrub you made. Use this to rub the surface gently, then rinse it away with a spray of water or a damp cloth. It is safe to repeat until the dirt is gone! So easy, right?

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