Stain Removal - Wine, Coffee, etc.

Stain Removal - Wine, Coffee, etc.

HOMELY: Had an unfortunate event where coffee or red wine was stained on your beautiful white top? Ever found your pen leaking and staining your pocket? Having your Kylie Jenner lipstick stained on your tops when changing? Fret not! Here are some ways you can try, in an attempt to remove the stains as much as possible.


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Coffee Removal: Did you ever come across spilling that richly aromatic espresso on your beautiful white shirt while slurping on it? Such an unfortunate event that will totally ruin your first impression at work! Fret not, here is a way to remove the coffee stain as much as possible!

Although it is almost impossible to remove it on the spot, there are easy ways you can try to remove it at home. If it is a fresh stain, blot up as much of the liquid with tissue paper. Next, fill a spray bottle with straight white vinegar. Generously quote the stain with the white vinegar and sprinkle some baking soda afterward. Allow the baking soda to set in for 15-20minutes. Lastly, vacuum up the baking soda and the stain should be lifted! Repeat this process until the stain is completely gone. 



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Ink Removal: There are 3 different types of inks you have to identify before tackling them. The first and the most common ink stain -- Ballpoint ink. These are inks that are thick and oily and are a combination of dyes and grease. Next, a water-based ink. This ink is the easiest ink to remove as they are thinner and non-greasy compared to ballpoint ink. This ink usually lies from fountain pens and gel pens. Lastly, the hardest ink stains to remove, are permanent inks. These inks usually require special, permanent ink remover to tackle.

The first and immediate reaction is to pat the ink with tissue paper, to avoid the ink to other items if the ink is still wet. Fresh ink stains are easier to remove before they dry and set into the fabric. Next, blot the excess of the stain gently, being careful to not rub it into the fibers. Lastly, mix 2 parts of white vinegar and milk together. Soak your clothes in a large bowl for a few hours overnight (depending on the size of your stain) then hang it dry and wash it as per normal. 

The little secret is the combination of milk and vinegar. The fact that both are fairly effective on their own at breaking down and lifting out ink stains, hence, combining both will simply increase the odds that your ink removal treatment will be more effective.

Will you try this trick or are you doubtful? Have you tried this trick before and did it work? Send us your results through Instagram DM and we might feature you!


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Lipstick removal: Before the lipstick stains sink in, take a paper towel or a clean cloth and dampen it with rubbing alcohol. Next, blot the stain with alcohol and wipe it with baby wipes. Once blotted and rubbed, rinse the stain with cold water and wash as per normal. The lipstick stains should be removed or not as obvious. You may repeat these steps until you get your desired outcome.



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Red Wine removal: As ridiculous as it sounds, a splash of white wine over your existing red wine stain can dilute the concentration much like adding cool water would. This is also another good reason to open up a new bottle of wine! Once you pour the white wine over your red wine stain, dab the area with a clean cloth to soak up the mixture. This should do the trick and the stains would have been removed by now! Alternatively, you can try a homemade remedy with baking soda paste. Mix up three parts water and one part baking soda to coat the stain and leave it overnight to soak.


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