Is the bottom of your trash can moldy?

Is the bottom of your trash can moldy?

Seeing mold at the bottom of your trash can isn’t unusual, since it has everything it needs to grow - moisture, sunlight & food sources. However, mold increases the risk of contaminating your food, and can cause serious health and hygiene issues! Thus, preventing mold in your home, especially your kitchen, is very critical.

Mold thrives in a favourable environment, some include your chopping boards, sink, and your dustbin. There are many common mistakes people see past, unknowingly inviting more mold to grow in their household. 

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One major mistake is the inappropriate disposal of food waste. Without quick disposal, rotten food and fruits make it easy for fungal growth. Additionally, when beverages are not disposed of properly, it will cause leakage through the plastic bags and onto your trash can. When it is not cleaned and sanitised properly, germs and bacteria can grow, and so will the mold. Therefore, it is necessary to dispose of all your food waste properly and quickly!

Mold grows relatively quickly regardless of the amount of food particles in the garbage disposals - it takes only a day or less for mold to grow! Thus, we should take care of our garbage disposal daily to prevent these fungi from growing and obstructing our daily life.

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Here is a quick fix to tackle the growing mold in your trash can, in an attempt to absorb mold-causing dampness:

1. Place one cup of Borax (can be found on Shopee) in a container
2. Fill the container with hot water and shake it well
3. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray on the areas with mold
4. Scrub the area with a scrub brush, rag, or sponge until all the mold is removed
5. Wipe the area clean and leave it to air dry under the sunlight to eliminate any leftover mold

    Other than taking out the trash daily, it is advisable to wash your trash cans once in a while and clean your appliances after use. Also, remember to empty your trash cans often so as to prevent any growth of mold!

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